19 Novembre 2018

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Work in Progress!

21-05-2018 14:51 - News Generiche

We inform all our clients that, due to renovations and maintenance, our finishing department will remain unusable for a certain period of time. Therefore some products/leathers that at the moment won't be ready in stock, maybe will be delayed in shipping or won't be available.

We will, however, c...

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17-10-2016 17:05 - News Generiche

Refer a friend and you'll receive immediately a gift from one of the below listed products!

- Leather Dye 250ml. in one color;

- Wax for Leather, 500ml.;

- Oil for Leather, 500ml.;

- Sealer for Leather, 500ml.;

- "Cuoio Vecchio" antiquing liquid, 500ml.;

- Vegetable tanned natural split, 1.5mm.;

Please ...

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Today is active our new site www.leather-eshop.com for the on-line sale of Leather and Hides

01-10-2014 15:24 - News Generiche
today is active our new website for online sales of leather and hides for your leathercrafts!
Visit our pages, look at the leather that best suits your needs, and purchase it online, you will receive it quickly and easily within a few days.
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