17 Febbraio 2018

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Toolkit for tooling/carving

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Beginner kit for leather-tooling.
Our kit includes:

* No. 8 basic chisels, in alloy, this set is ideal for starting to enter into the world of leather tooling.
(A-104 / B-200 / P-206 / V-407 / C-431 / X-511 / S-705 / B-701)

* No. 1 swivel knife, adjustable, suitable for any type of hand. Including a straight 11 mm. blade.

* No. 1 professional mallet "large", with polymer head and wooden handle. Diameter mm 55, ca. 300 gr.It allows you to hit the chisels and other tools without damaging the head. Made in Japan.

* No. 1 1 leather panel, A4 size, natural, thickness mm. 3.0
85,00 / per kit
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